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Truchard Vineyards

Truchard Vineyards


Sal De Ianni serves as Winemaker for Truchard Vineyards. Originally from a suburb of Milwaukee, Sal entered the wine industry through a strange twist of fate: while completing his graduate degree in Analytical Chemistry at Northwestern University, he decided to enroll in wine appreciation classes in order to break away from the complexities of chemistry.  Six months later, the wine courses ended up being more compelling, and ultimately he decided to pursue a job in the wine industry. 

After completing his M.S. in Enology at the University of California Davis, Sal realized that his foundation in chemistry, coupled with his passion for winemaking, would enable him to produce wines of exceptional quality.  


He responded to an advertisement in the Napa Valley Register posted by Tony and Jo Ann seeking a winemaker, and has been with the Truchard family ever since.

Over the years, Sal has developed a thorough understanding of the unique terroir of the Carneros appellation and allows the vineyard to speak through the wines he makes.  His keen instinct and in-depth knowledge of the vineyard and cellar enable him to show the distinct qualities of the estate.  He works closely with the Truchard family to develop exceptional wines year after year.